Varna Beneath My Shoes

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Country Bulgaria
Short description Our mutual fascination with history and our desire to explore and learn new things has led us to this competition. We never thought we would find out so much about our own city if it wasn’t for this project and the online library Europeana. The idea of our video is to show how culturally rich any place could be, and especially Varna, if you think outside the box and don’t only look upon your feet as most people do. Europeana showed us where to look, woke up our curiosity and we found ourselves walking down tiny little streets with mighty buildings that have so much history in them and no one there to appreciate it.
Author(s) Marina Stoilova and Kosara Bakalova
Short biography for author(s) We are Marina and Kosara, 18 years old high school students in the city of Varna, Bulgaria. We’re interested in history, art and photography, passionate travellers and easy-going souls… We both wish to study anthropology in future.

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