Uncle Isa`s School


Institution (if applicable) Public School ‘Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj’, Kovin
Country Serbia
Short description From the legacy of documents testifying to over-a-century-old history of Kovin’s Public School now called ‘Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj’, fairly large in format, a warm sepia-toned photograph, mounted on a piece of cardboard frayed at the edges, stands out. The photo presents the teaching staff of the time. Right in the middle, as befitted, the school principal –  Uncle Isa, Isidor Ignjat Kupusarevic. The Great War is finally over, Austro-Hungarian Monarchy has collapsed. A new era brings hope, prosperity, the faith in common sense and peace. Magnesium light has frozen the look on their faces. Just like the flashlight, the newborn euphoria will end soon and the horsemen of the apocalypse will gallop across ill-fated Europe once again. They are long gone, but the photograph remains, and the eyes of our predecessors are looking at us from the page of the school website.
Author(s) Dejan Kreculj
Short biography for author(s) Dejan Kreculj, MSc, professor of physics and computer science in public  school in Kovin. Author of numerous papers in the field of physics education and ICT. Among other things, studies the history of pedagogical practices of Serbia, especially in the region of Banat. For this work was awarded several times.
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