Time Limitation


Institution (if applicable) Goya Secondary School
Country Spain
Short description Our work is a blog made by a time traveller, who in every post tells us about travelling through time with his magic toaster. In each post he talks about a stage of the Zaragoza’s history. The first post is a presentation about the traveller, and since the second post he starts the trips, until he develops some addiction to the trips.
Author(s) Lucas Blanquez Teixeira, Daniel Gracia Alevesque, Alba Montañés Aguilar and Marina Asín Soro
Short biography for author(s) We’re a group made by four young people from the Goya highschool, in Zaragoza. When our teacher told us about this competition, we didn’t stop having ideas. We had to do it! Opportunities like this didn’t come every day, and the idea of telling the history of our city was really interesting. At the beginning  we had a lot of ideas, and taking the decision of what was the best one was quite difficult, then we lost some of time, although, it didn’t demotivate us, we started to make post, adding them some personal touch and a little bit of humour, because we thought it will be much more enjoyable. Is for that, for the sacrifice we’ve put doing this blog and the time used for what we think we’ve done a great work. We could say we’re proud of it!
Link to blog lalimitaciondeltiempo.blogspot.com.es

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