Time has told me

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Country Denmark
Short description This is a story of Copenhagen Sydhavn. Once a place of major industry; coal terminals, Ford Motors and home of many laborers and outcasts too. The reminiscence from the old days is still here – and so are the stories. Though it’s only 10 min from Copenhagen center, it feels like stepping into a different world; It’s rough and mild at the same time. It’s history and the strong characters who live and work here makes it a very special place. It is also the home of a dying business: the last fishermen left in Copenhagen set out every morning from here. One day that’ll be gone too just like the industry a hundred years ago. It use to be my home and the sound of the fishermen leaving in the early morning, the long roar of the train, the boat gently rocking me to sleep and the dogs barking – it all still feels like home. I went back on a mild and sunny day in late autumn 2015.
Author(s) Gunhild Øibakken Pedersen
Short biography for author(s) I am an artist and musician. 31 years old.

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