This Place is COOL!


Institution (if applicable) Placcc Festival (
Country Hungary
Short description This Place is COOL! project is an interactive city history based mapping system of Hungarian noppa design group. The various elements of this city-scale installation come together to form a map which marks various places in Budapest with interesting histories, sites which we don’t really notice during the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. The goal of the project is to point out man-made places of interest which are usually hidden from our view, either metaphorically or physically, by buildings, other objects or time itself. They can be houses which have gained new functions, or city squares, street corners, stores or even natural treasures that have literary or cultural-historical significance.

The first human-sized, QR-coded map pin of the This Place is COOL! project found a permanent home at Rombusz Terasz near the one-time construction site of the North-South metroline. Thanks to Europeana, we found a lot of inspirative datas for our research.

Author(s) Lóci Alvégi, Tamás Eke, Lívia Varga and Andrea Kovács
Short biography for author(s) noppa design

We do all kind of interesting and fun things that are related in some way to architecture as well as to industrial design or graphic design, whether it is a family house, or garden shack, branding identity of a multi-company or voluntary decoration of a kindergarten, exhibition installation or a candy box, because we love doing it and this is what we do best, because we believe that different art territories should work together and because the best is to work with friends. This is who we are: noppa.

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