This is my Cultural Heritage


This is my Cultural Heritage, Croatia


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Country Croatia
Short description Old postcard and photo framework “This is my cultural heritage” is created by graphic designer Filip Cvitić and student Nikola Ugarković. The work is inspired by the Croatian cultural heritage and Europeana but all became reality with the assistance of 3D printing technology which we found at the library. Glaglolitsa is old letter which was very popular in Croatia and some of the most important national heritage elements are written with it. So we tried to use heritage as inspiration for original product but with the help of modern technology like Europeana and 3D printing. We believe that we shall achieve interest for further research of Glaglolitsa story and better representation of its creative potential. Our project  and its development is presented with text, photo and video story in library portal about digital creativity LAB GKR
Author(s) Filip Cvitić and Nikola Ugarković
Short biography for author(s) Filip Cvitić is a graphic designer and enthusiastic fan of the Glagolitic alphabet revaluing and its use in new shapes who, for that reason, created special Glagolitic font.

Nikola Ugarković is student of Croatian language and Computer Science student, and above all a big fan of 3D models design and 3D printing.

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