The Extraordinary Adventures of Private Nistor


Institution (if applicable) Sinteza monthly magazine, online version
Country Romania
Short description A manuscript kept in a library in Cluj-Napoca tells the story of a Romanian artilleryman in the Great War, who came to fight against the Japanese, for defending a German colony in nowadays China. Private Nistor sailed half the seas of the world to arrive in the Far East, aboard an Austro-Hungarian cruiser. He took part in the first battles recorded in history between a plane and a boat, he was taken prisoner by the Japanese and wrote a diary with all his adventures, now available online. This is his story, told for the first in Romania by a news outlet, thanks to Europeana initiative. The story uses and cites Europeana as a primary source for text and photos, completing the story with views expressed by various historians and warfare experts.
Author(s) Bogdan Stanciu
Short biography for author(s) Bogdan Stanciu is an experienced, award-winning journalist and non-fiction author, with a keen interest in local history. He is based in Cluj-Napoca, historical capital of Transylvania region and Romania’s second biggest city. Since 2013 he has been working for the highly respected Sinteza monthly magazine.
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