Greetings from Despotovac – Pozdrav iz Despotovca

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Country Serbia
Short description Video presents the local history of the town of Despotovac with significant emphasis on Manasija monastery, which is located near the city. As the one of the sites of world cultural heritage, Manasia is deeply imbued into the past of the town which is named by monastery founder, despot Stefan Lazarevic.

Beside that, great attention is dedicated to the history of the common man. By presenting rare documentary material, this video is meant to be a small contribution towards understanding the history of everyday life in the town of Despotovac.

Author(s) Tomislav Marković
Short biography for author(s) Tomislav Marković, 15.11.1985. Serbia.


2013 – Master of Arts in History, Department of History at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Serbia.


Marković, Tomislav. Celebration of 1600 Years of The Edict of Milan in Serbia. Serbian Studies 4 (2013): 267 – 284.

Jovanović, Milutin. Fifteenth Infantry Regiment Stevan Sinđelić in The War Against The Turks 1912 – 1913. Edited by Tomislav Marković. Svilajnac: War Volunteers Association 1912-1918, Their Descendants and Admirers “Stevan Sinđelić”, 2014.


2013 – Best Thesis About Serbian History Award; Granted by the “Prof Dr Radmila Milentijević” Foundation

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