Glascarraig Motte and Bailey Historical Survey



Institution (if applicable)
Country Ireland
Short description I explored the History of Glascarraig Motte and Bailey Site near Ballygarrett, Gorey, County Wexford, Ireland which is close to my home.

I first heard of this amazing place from a local Historian Dan Wafer. I promised him I would do my best to create a Historical Survey, which I have now completed. Our team of Historians and Archaeologists now wish to fund raise in order to get a Geophysical survey done and then hopefully an excavation. This site is very important to us given it’s amazing Norman and Irish History and it’s present struggles against landslides.

Thank you, Byron.

Author(s) Byron Jones
Short biography for author(s) Glascarraig Motte and Bailey 1190’s – present. First Norman occupier Raymond le Gros (Leader of second Norman expedition to Ireland. Taken over by William de Caunteton, le Gros’ nephew. William or Raymond built Motte and Bailey in 1190’s Sacked by Irish in 1311 and abandoned by Normans. Present day – Motte and bailey still intact, however it is being severely damaged by landslides.

Chief Archaeologist and Historian in charge – Byron Jones 25 years old
Graduate in History and Archaeology (Joint Major)
Current Archaeologist with Rubicon Heritage Ireland

Link to web The survey was originally provided in .rft format and has been converted to PDF for uploading to LoCloud. Download survey findings

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