Copenhagen – Do you know your local history?

Institution (if applicable)
Country Denmark
Short description The video shows how to use Europeana in collaboration with the library to explore one’s local history. Both contain large amounts of data on our heritage both physically and digitally. The library is no longer alone. Therefore, one should also use platforms like Europeana. Modern man is often on the move and it is limited in how many physical materials you can carry along with you. Therefore we depict how Europeana is available to us in the urban space and allows us to further explore our local heritage even when we are on the move.
Author(s) Anna Cecilie Björklund and Trine Christensen
Short biography for author(s) We are two 26-year-old graduates from the IT University. We have a passion for culture through digital media and technologies. Our fields of interest involves libraries, museums and urban space, where we want to challenge the usual approach to communication.

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