Cathedral of our lady of the Pilar

Institution (if applicable) Goya Secondary School
Country Spain
Short description We have made a blog for the contest Europeana because we think is an interesting proposal. We were watching earlier formats and second prizes winners but we prefer to do something different and innovative . We think he may like our work and combining different work programs which contain video, photographs , presentations … Much of the information has been obtained from different websites. Our main goal is that people know an important part of our city, Zaragoza, and so I can share with other Internet users.
Author(s) Marta Soria Gracia, Marina Castellano Aznar, Lara Hurtado Sieso, Marina del Olmo Jalle and Elena Calderón Aznar
Short biography for author(s) We are some young high school students from IES Goya Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain. When we proposed a project such as Europeana so we welcomed with great enthusiasm and desire to work. It’s a great opportunity to experience different cultures , cities , monuments, etc. across Europe. It is also a very free competition in which you can teach anywhere in your city. We hope to qualify in a good position and of course win.
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