AZ – Croatian Glagolitic Murals

Institution (if applicable) Institute for Scientific and Art Research in Creative Industries – Andizet
Country Croatia
Short description The Glagolitic script, as well as Glagolitic tradition, is a Croatian cultural phenomenon unique for its linguistic, graphic, ethnological, anthropological and semiotic characteristics. In 2014, following the decision of the Ministry of Culture, the Glagolitic script was inscribed into the list of intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia.

Creation of murals brings Glagolitic script closer to digital age. Jasna Horvat is the creator of glagolitic murals design and the author of AZ, a novel which directly influences further research into cultural heritage.

The Faculty walls covered by Glagolitic script became a canvas for inscribing messages in this old Croatian script. Therewith, the Faculty interior became the biggest institutional space depicting Glagolitic script next to the Zagreb Cathedral. This focuses the audience’s attention on philosophy and symblics of Croatian traditional script. Glagolitic script can be used for communication (in space) and it can be implemented in non-linguistic professions successfully.

Author(s) Jasna Horvat, Domagoj Topić, Josipa Mijoč and Sanda Katavić-Čaušić
Short biography for author(s) Jasna Horvat is a Full Professor (from 2007) of Quantitative Methodology at the Universtiy of Josip Juraj Strossmayer’s Faculty of Economics in Osijek. For three years she managed CATI centre in Osijek. As a part of scientific project, CATI centre was oriented to developing measurement instruments and conducting statistical analysis for market demands. She is the author and co-author of numerous scientific articles published at home and abroad. At the same time she is a novelist, a critic of cultural theory and the winner of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer Award from the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences for 2011.

Domagoj Topić was born in 1979 in Osijek. He finished the First Gymnasium in 1998 and graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts with a degree in cameraman studies. He participated in numerous domestic and international  photogrphy exhibitions. So far he has published about thirty targeted promotional movies for established businesses such as: Hespo, Nexe group, Hypo bank, Žito Ltd., Osijek-koteks, promotional music videos for Miroslav Škoro tour — Milo moje, Belišće Inc. etc.

Josipa Mijoč (Assistant professor) in 2001 enrolled Faculty of Economics in Osijek. As a member of the academic community, she has participated in several national and international conferences and she has published 20 professional and scientific works (papers) as a co-author.

Sanda Katavić-Čauišić graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek in 1989 where she earned the BA degree in education. In the years to follow she was involved in studying culture, identity, heritage and tourism, participated in writing research papers and speaking at some conferences. In 2009 she earned MSc degree in Economics having graduated from the Faculty of tourism and hospitality management at the University in Rijeka. Currently she works at the Foreign Languages Centre for the Ministry of Defence as an English lecturer.

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