Maribor in the past and today

Institution (if applicable) II. High school Maribor
Country Slovenia
Short description Maribor is the city that has ups and downs during the history. Despite that the citizens have always known how to take care of the cultural heritage and development of the city. This video invites everybody to see and feel the city. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised.
Author(s) Mihael Muršec
Short biography for author(s) My name is Mihael Muršec, second grade high school student. I’m interested on multimedia since the primary school. I’m the member of the computer school club in II. High school Maribor. I directed and mounted the video that was recorded by the other members of the club. The material is contributed by Sven Pušnik, Patrik Rek, Nejc-Filip Svenšek. (mentor: Mirko Pešec)

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