A Glimpse of Victorian York

Institution (if applicable)
Country United Kingdom
Short description Inspired by finding a map of Victorian York on Europeana, I decided to use this as the basis for exploring this era of history in the city. I am a big fan of open source, and this video utilizes visual and audio material from Europeana, York Museums Trust, Wikimedia and Freesound.org to give depth and breadth. The viewer is guided round Victorian York by a couple, visiting key locations that tell a variety of different stories associated with the social, economic and industrial history of the city. The approach is highly visual with text kept short to cater for ESL viewers. It was a fun project to make and I learned a lot about this period in York as a result.
Author(s) Izzy Bartley
Short biography for author(s) I am a recent Cultural Heritage Management Masters graduate from University of York and have an interest in using digital media to enhance interpretation.

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