Explore your local history through Europeana

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Country Bulgaria
Short description The video starts with a librarian, who scans photos for the Europeana website. Then continues with a girl, who visits the Public library in Varna, searches for photos of her town in the Europeana website and then discovers the real photos in the library.
Author(s) Aneliya Kalcheva
Short biography for author(s) My name is Aneliya Kalcheva and I am 20 years old. I graduated from First Language School, Varna, Bulgaria in 2014 and I’m studying Media in Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. I love traveling and exploring the world. I love being in new places, feeling unknown and not found. I love photography. It’s like a mirror, which gives people an opportunity to touch a little piece of your soul, it’s a way of representing how you see the world. I love dreaming. Dreams are what keeps us alive and what makes us who we are. I love bеing inspired, I love laughing, I love life.

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