The main activities of LoCloud are:

  1. Identify standard metadata export formats which are commonly used in the information systems deployed by small and medium cultural institutions.
  2. Develop and implement the MINT service (Metadata Interoperability Service), currently used in a number of Europeana-related projects, to support the mapping and transformation of native metadata records to EDM via these intermediary schema.
  3. Develop and implement a LoCloud aggregation service, based on the MoRe aggregator developed in the CARARE project.
  4. Develop and test a number of key cloud-based micro-services (SaaS) useful to smaller institutions in enriching their metadata and improving data quality for the benefit of Europeana users.
  5. Provide training, support and guidance relevant to the needs of small and medium sized cultural institutions and aggregators.
  6. Evaluate and assess the impact of this work, including the benefits of cloud services.
  7. Carry out an intensive dissemination programme targeting smaller institutions and their aggregators right across Europe.
  8. Plan the sustainability and transferability of the above approach in the framework of the Europeana Consortium.

To learn more about the project see our final report and other resources.