New MORe service – Image quality measurement

We are happy to announce the launch of a new service in MORe that measures the quality of images being made available to Europeana.

The MORe quality service reports on the format of the images and their resolution, and provides a warning if images have a resolution below the accepted threshold or if the links are broken or inaccessible. The MORe quality services is designed to support Europeana’s new publishing framework, which asks cultural institutions to make higher quality images available to end users.

Screenshot of the MORe Image Quality measurement service
MORe Image Quality measurement service

Europeana is evolving. Technology is ever improving. The future Europeana aims to offer the inspired, creative or entrepreneurial the ability to take what our data partners provide and use it. For innovation. For education. For research. For business. For personal enjoyment.

To manage content and deliver it in higher quality to its audiences, Europeana has developed four tiers of participation in Europeana. What data partners provide will depend on their own agendas and capabilities, but the higher the quality of information provided by data partners, the more benefit they’ll create for their audiences. For more information about the publishing framework and the tiers please see:  The MORe quality service helps Europeana’s data partners to check the quality of the images that are being made available. This makes it easy to see which tier they’re at and what they can get out their collaboration with Europeana.

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