LoCloud training videos

Last November the LoCloud team were at the Polish National Supercomputing Center (PSNC) in Poznań delivering a training workshop for project partners.  We held the workshop there because PSNC has a professional Television recording studio and our trainers were to become the stars of LoCloud’s training videos!


Each of the presenters at the workshop were asked to deliver their tutorials twice: once for the attendees of the workshop, and then in the television studio where they were recorded for the video. The set-up allowed both the presenter and what he was demonstrating on the computer to be captured.  Following the recording the signals were professionally mixed to produce the final videos.

All of the videos are available on our support portal: http://support.locloud.eu/ and are also included in our online training course.  The videos cover:

  • LoCloud MORe Aggregator
  • LoCloud Collections
  • LoCloud MINT Metadata Mapping Service
  • LoCloud Vocabulary Services
  • LoCloud Geocoding Application
  • LoCloud Historic Place Name Service
  • LoCloud Support Mechanisms

View Videos

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