Micro-services and a lightweight digital library

LoCloud will implement a series of micro-services aimed to benefit Europeana’s user’s experience as well as the content providers institutions.

Currently, work is in progress on the development of an experimental application to enable local cultural institutions to collaborate in the development of multilingual vocabularies for local history and archaeology. Moreover, some of the technical partners are implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools to analyse and enrich the metadata being provided to Europeana as well as to develop and test an application on contents uploaded to Wikimedia and capture and enrich the available metadata. The idea behind this effort is to test the potential of exploiting Wikimedia for crowd sourcing projects, as well as for small institutions and individuals for capturing the local heritage.

A prototype geo-location tool is being developed and it will be made available to partners for testing in the coming months. This service will offer content providers the opportunity  to use a combination of local place names data and spatial filtering mechanisms to assign geo-location coordinates to a given digital object as well as to improve the accuracy of the existing geo-coding. Moreover, the spatial metadata will become useful for detailed navigation such as mobile devices, offering mobile users the chance to explore cultural content relevant to the place they are in.

Other services under development are an historic place names service, metadata enrichment services allowing a wide range of connections between items in a collection, and a Wikimedia application which will enable the integration of Wikimedia services with the LoCloud infrastructure.

Finally, work has progressed with regard to the development of a Lightweight Digital Library System. A prototype will hopefully be ready before the end of 2014 when it will undergo a testing phase by the LoCloud content provider partners. This tool will be useful for those small institutions that currently do not have a digital archive and therefore need a user-friendly system for cataloguing their digital content and metadata.

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