Identifying user requirements

In November 2013 the LoCloud technical team has produced a new report offering an analysis of the technical aspects of the LoCloud’s user requirements that have been collected through a series of workshops and surveys.

The report provides key information about users’ profiles, their needs and content. A number of user profiles have been defined, taking into account important characteristics such as the type of collections (e.g. archaeological collections, paintings, drawings, family libraries, maps etc.) and of digital content (image, movie, audio and multimedia content, textual digitised content, etc), expertise in IT, librarianship, information science, or cultural heritage documentation, awareness of metadata and content availability through Europeana.

As expected, LoCloud content providers hold very diverse types of content as well as a variety of metadata schemas used to describe this content. By the end of the project Europeana will gain a substantial number of varied and interesting collections. However, this also implies a number of challenges for the LoCloud team, such as the method of ingestion of metadata from primary collections into Europeana. In this connection, the team has already defined a set of workflows able to adapt to the type of content provider, services to be utilised and the ingestion point.

Read the full report: LoCloud Deliverable 1.5 User requirements analysis

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