D5.4: Analysis and Recommendations

LoCloud,  funded  under  the  European  Commission’s  CIP  ICT  PSP  programme, has  the  overall  goal  of  supporting  small  and  medium-­‐sized  institutions  in making their content and metadata available to Europeana by exploring  the potential of cloud computing technologies. The project has provided a series of services including both stand-­‐alone services for end-­‐users and  micro-­‐services designed as plug-­‐ins for end-­‐user services.   The overall  aim has been to help reduce the technical, semantic and skills barriers faced by smaller institutions, which typically have limited access to either IT  infrastructure  or  staff  with  the requisite skills in digital libraries.   

In order to understand the needs and expectations of the target group better, eight use cases are described based on aggregators’ experience with similar collection holders. For each type of collection, a scenario describes the typical features, a SWOT analysis, expectations and requirements. 

This analysis of typical users further yields a number of common issues for which  the  services  and  applications  developed  in  the  LoCloud  project  are expected to provide solutions. Seven issues are described more in detail:   

•    Multi-­‐purpose collection inventory 

•    Technical expertise, data models 

•    Data quality, standards and thesauri 

•    Local reference 

•    Language 

•    Money and continuity 

•    Work rhythm