D4.5: Online Courses

A main objective of the LoCloud project is to ease the task of small and medium-sized heritage

organisations across Europe in making their contents accessible to Europeana. An important part of

LoCloud’s efforts is to facilitate the process of taking local data from heterogeneous data sources and transforming it into Europeana compliant data. This process involves understanding and interpreting metadata   profiles,   extracting   data,   setting   harvesting   infrastructure,   managing   vocabularies, enriching/completing data, mapping metadata profiles and more.

LoCloud has several work packages devoted to the development of software tools and micro-services that aim to simplify the content contribution and ingestion process from the perspective of both content providers and Europeana. Throughout the project, time and resources has been dedicated to the development, improvement and testing prototypes of these tools, and working with content providers.

The  E-learning  courses  described  in  this  report  have  been  made  with  the  intention  of  helping LoCloud content providing partners and cultural heritage organisations to utilize the technology implemented in LoCloud.  They aim to offer participants a rich, well-structured mean to get familiar with services and tools offered by the project.

This report documents the creation process of the courses as well as their contents and structure. The courses  were  created  on  the  basis  of  other  material  provided  to  the  LoCloud  Support  Portal, including documentation and videos, as well as on the basis of training delivered to partners at the end of the second year of the project. The LoCloud courses were developed in the first half of the third year of the project. Later, these were reviewed by the project partners (both technical and content-providing), which resulted in a series of improvements being made before the release of the final version of the courses.

In total, three courses were made available, two renewed and updated versions of courses from previous  projects  (AccessIT/AccessITPlus)  and  the  third  one  created  specifically  to  cover  the LoCloud offerings. The total amount of lessons in these courses is 41 and they correspond to a workbook of around a thousand pages in size. Beside text contents, these courses include also multimedia (including the LoCloud training videos) and interactive elements such as self-assessment quizzes.

All  the  LoCloud  courses  can  be  found  in  a  dedicated  e-learning  sub-portal,  available  at