D4.1: Documentation and help desk (including guide for end users and organisations)

All software developed through LoCloud has extensive technical API documentation as well as end-user documentation for applications with an end-user interface including the ingestion and mapping tool MINT, the metadata repository MORE, the lightweight digital library service LoCloud Collections and the Geocoding Application. Documentation is continuously being made available on on the LoCloud support portal where it is edited in a Wiki.

The LoCloud help-desk is a contact point where LoCloud partners can submit questions and receive answers related to the services and applications that are being modified or created in the project. The help-desk is accessible through the support portal at the URL http://support.locloud.eu or can be entered directly through the URL http://support.locloud.eu/osticket

Practically, all technical partners in LoCloud staff the help-desk on a shared basis. PSNC, Athena RC/DCU and AVINET will be responsible for first-line support, i.e. quick response to questions related to usage of services and applications. The developers or owners of the various software packages will be responsible for responding to questions of a technical nature such as bug-reports, modification requests and similar.