D3.6: Wikimedia Application

This deliverable presents the Wikimedia application which will be used within the LoCloud infrastructure. The application allows the harvesting of content provided by small cultural institutions or independent experts and uploaded to Wikimedia installations, and the provision of enriched content to Europeana.

The application (or microservice) has been built as a web service (REST based) and uses the Wikimedia API in order to communicate with Wikimedia. The application’s main functionalities are to harvest content form Wikimedia, parse the harvested content, and identify useful entities that can be mapped to the ESE or EDM metadata schemas.

The application is connected to the LoCloud infrastructure through its REST services. The LoCloud aggregator (MoRe) uses the services in order to allow users to initiate a harvest and get content into the aggregator. The mapped ESE / EDM records are delivered to MoRe, where they can be enriched using the various enrichment services available on the aggregator and then provided to Europeana.