D3.3: Metadata Enrichment services

Metadata enrichment services automatically link Cultural Heritage (CH) items with external information such as DBpedia pages or vocabulary concepts. Metadata enrichment is a useful task which assists users by providing contextual information about a particular item. It also helps in the task of categorizing CH items with relevant terms and concepts from a particular vocabulary. Metadata enrichment comprises two di_erent micro-services:

  • Background link  micro-service, which automatically links CH items to background information contained in pages from an external resource like Wikipedia or DBpedia.
  • Vocabulary matching  micro-service, which automatically links metadata relevant to relevant classes in a provided vocabulary.

The background link micro-service relies on DBpedia Spotlight, a state-of-the-art tool for performing Named Entity Disambiguation (NED). DBpedia Spotlight was chosen because it performed best in our experiments, as shown in the deliverable.