Report on EVA/MINERVA Jerusalem

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EVA/MINERVA is an annual, international event for professionals in the cultural heritage and advanced technologies sectors. Electronic Visualisation in the Arts (EVA) is a group of international conferences held in London, Florence, Berlin, St. Petersburg and Jerusalem. At the Jerusalem conference they combine EVA with MINERVA (MINERVA EC is a Thematic Network in the area of cultural, scientific information and scholarly content), which is the operational arm of the National Representatives Group for Digitisation of Culture, where they set ground for Europeana, and initiate past and ongoing projects. As such, it is especially relevant for LoCloud.

The conference featured sessions on: Museums and Portals, Digital Archives, Museums and Makery, Data Management in Digital Archaeology, Mapping Projects and Audiovisual Archives (among others). It also featured two workshops, one of which was LoCloud, and the other was the meSch project, which is based at the Museum of Culture and Science in The Hague.

The LoCloud workshop took place on 8 November, 2015, and featured:

  • An introduction to the LoCloud project, along with examples featuring the work of the data providing partners, presented by Holly Wright from the Archaeology Data Service, UK (who also chaired the session).
  • An overview of the core LoCloud technologies of MINT and MORe presented by Vassilis Trouvaras from NTUA, Greece
  • An overview of the microservices developed within LoCloud presented by Walter Koch from AIT, Austria.
  • An overview of LoCloud Collections delivered on behalf of PNSC, Poland by Holly Wright.

The workshop was well attended with over 50 participants. There were many questions along the way, and as the participants were well informed about Europeana, they were excited about the technologies developed by LoCloud and the fact that they were open, standalone and had potential for re-use. They were also very impressed with the idea that even the smallest organisation or even an individual has the potential to participate in Europeana through the initiatives developed within LoCloud. Several participants stayed after the workshop to ask further questions and to express their interest.

EVA/MINERVA was an excellent venue for disseminating the results of the LoCloud project, both because of its Europeana focus, and because it was held in an EU associated country where individuals and organisations may not have access to the wider conversation available to those based in EU countries. It also complemented the other Europeana-related initiatives presented, like the WITH culture sharing social platform, the Europeana Space project and the Europeana Sounds project.

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