LoCloud training workshops

Participants at the LoCloud training workshop in Poznan
LoCloud organised a series of three training workshops to familiarise project partners in the use of the tools and services that the project has made available including MINT, MORE and the new microservices that have been developed to enrich partners metadata. 

The workshops were held in Bordeaux, Poznań and Graz between October and December 2014.  The training was delivered by LoCloud technical partners and slides from the workshops are now available online.

The purpose of the training workshops was to make sure that LoCloud content providers are familiar with LoCloud technology and capable of supporting their local partners in its use to facilitate the process of contributing their content to Europeana.

In the first half of the LoCloud project, many applications and services have been developed or improved. During the workshops the technical partners involved in the development of these applications and services were able to offer LoCloud content partners training in their use - especially the new metadata enrichment and validation services that are now available. The  training workshops were attended by representatives of all LoCloud partners who contributed to some lively discussions about the tools, workflows, working with local partners and plans for the future of LoCloud services.
Participants at the LoCloud training workshop in Bordeaux

Videos of the training were recorded during the Poznań training workshop in the PSNC television studio.  These recordings are currently being processed and will be available later in 2015.

The slided used during the training workshops are already available online at: http://www.locloud.eu/Events/LoCloud-Training-Workshops

User documentation and other materials are available via the LoCloud Support Centre at http://support.locloud.eu/.