LoCloud Workshop at Digital Heritage 2015

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LoCloud will be running a workshop as part of Digital Heritage 2015 on 28 Sept - 2 Oct 2015 in Granada Spain.

The workshop will share the results of the LoCloud project, and stimulate discussion and collaboration between curators, experts and stakeholders in digital libraries, cultural heritage, tourism and local communities. It will also showcase work in supporting small and medium sized cultural institutions in making their digitised collections discoverable online, via portals such as Europeana and other applications.

The workshop will highlight:

  • Work with small and medium sized institutions to make their content discoverable within Europeana
  • Cloud-based computing services which are helping to put local heritage content online and make it more searchable and interoperable
  • Development of a variety of specialised microservices, including geographic location and map based services for local heritage
  • Support for communities and cultural tourism, by enabling local heritage to be included in mobile and other applications

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