The second international EuropeanaTech conference will be held on 12-13 February at the National Library of France (BNF) in Paris. The event will bring together application developers, information professionals, technology researchers and decision makers in the cultural domain. 


The EuropeanaTech Research and Development community is bringing together researchers, developers, experts from the Europeana Network. This community has been created to allow to meet, innovate and undertake research needed for the future of Europeana. It is backed by WP2 of the Europeana v3.0 project. 

EuropeanaTech highlights Europeana’s contribution in its wider international context. To this end, the organisers have invited speakers from other continents to join the conversation. Furthermore, the programme features other professional networks active in research areas relevant to Europeana. Next to bespoke keynote speakers and a number of thematic panels, the programme will be shaped on the spot. Ample time is researched for un-conference sessions; a participant-driven format that will allow all delegates to suggest topics they feel that need to be addressed.

Access all information from the conference web site.