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On 11 February 2015 we participated in the LoCloud Hackathon in Paris, France. The event took place at the Google Cultural Institute. This gave us the opportunity to find out what Google is working on in the cultural heritage preservation domain. We could learn a lot about Google Art Project and see the its art pieces on an amazing gigapixel screen.

Imagine this…
Imagine you are sitting on a train admiring the majestic winter landscape of the Dovre mountain range in central Norway.

Would you have known that this is the most important area for wild reindeer in Europe? Perhaps you would be curious about how medieval pilgrims also made their way through these mountains to Nidaros Cathedral and the grave of Saint Olav? Would you realise that the very area you were travelling through was also a strategic centre for the German army during World War II? Or maybe you would wonder about who lived here while the very railway you are traveling on was built over 100 years ago? 

2015-02-11 18.08.20

Vangelis Banos, Future LIbrary, Greece

MoRe Quality by Vangelis Banos (Future LIbrary - Greece) is the winning prototype application of the LoCloud hackathon which took place on the 11th of February 2015 at the premises of the Google Cultural Institute in Paris, France.

The hackathon was organised by LoCloud and Europeana in the context of EuropeanaTech 2015.

This year the LINQ Conference will take place in Brussels, on 11-13 May 2015.

The LoCloud project has developed a series of services and we would like to invite developers to take part in a Hackathon to use these to come up with innovative applications for the cultural heritage sector. 

The hackathon will take place at the Google Cultural Institute in Paris on Wednesday February 11th from 12.00-19.00. 

Participants at the LoCloud training workshop in Poznan

LoCloud organised a series of three training workshops to familiarise project partners in the use of the tools and services that the project has made available including MINT, MORE and the new microservices that have been developed to enrich partners metadata. 

The workshops were held in Bordeaux, Poznań and Graz between October and December 2014.  The training was delivered by LoCloud technical partners and slides from the workshops are now available online.

The second international EuropeanaTech conference will be held on 12-13 February at the National Library of France (BNF) in Paris. The event will bring together application developers, information professionals, technology researchers and decision makers in the cultural domain. 


Cloudscape VII will be held on 9-10 March in Brussels.  The conference aims to offer inspiration from top thought leaders, end-user perspectives, lightning talks & interactive discussions, live demos and application running, practical approaches to cloud adoption and a practical, hands-on approach to pushing the boundaries and moving out of our comfort zones so we know when, why and how to embrace new technologies.