Europeana has a new look and feel. One of the biggest improvements is that  the portal now
automatically adapts to a range of different devices and screen sizes enabling the layout to always suit the screen, whether it is accessed from a touchscreen smartphone or a large desktop. Another interesting improvement regards the automatic suggestions that pop up as users  type in search keywords. This makes search faster and easier because it predicts what users are looking for. Access the new portal here. 

The LoCloud project was officially launched at the kick-off meeting held on 19-20 March 2013 at the National Archives, in Oslo.

LoCloud is one of a suite of projects, funded by the European Commission, to develop Europeana and enhance its contents.

It will build on the achievements of CARARE in establishing a repository-based aggregator for Archaeological and Architectural heritage; and of Europeana Local in its work with local institutions and their regional and national aggregators, which resulted in the contribution of nearly 5 million items to Europeana.

The project's consortium brings together a strong consortium of technical partners, content providers, aggregating services and partners with specific expertise. Gunnar Urtegaard, from National Archives of Norway, project coordinator, underlined during the meetings close: "If we can keep it simple for content providers, keep simple for users and remove all the complexity in-between, then this project has the potential to be a great success."