Z Confidential

Institution (if applicable) Goya Secondary School
Country Spain
Short description This is a short film telling a detective story. The youngs detectives follow trails conducting to a big discovery. It's a mistery about the Nobel lauretate Ramón y Cajal, about his investigation and the modern city.
Author(s) Andrea Samsón, Sergio Gracia Bolea, Ignacio José Lambán Sánchez, Gloria Martínez Gómez and Paula Barzu 
Short biography for author(s)

We are studentes in a Secondary School in Zaragoza. We are 17-18 years old and very interested in sciencies. For us, his proyect is a challenge that improves our creative and scientific skills.

It's also an oportunity to colaborate in a colleages team and to compete whit others european students.

Link to Video drive.google.com