Sites of Zaragoza

Puerta del Carmen
Institution (if applicable) Goya Secondary School
Country Spain
Short description

This presentation: Tumblr, which shows the different pictures of the monuments (then and now) with a brief explanation of the facts.

Old photos come from Europeana, and the recent it made ​​by us.

Author(s) Rebeca Pérez Duato, Raquel Gadea Gotor, Elena Cegoñino Giral, Fernanda Díaz Neira and Marta García Robles
Short biography for author(s) Hello we are five girls students from IES Goya in Zaragoza. What caught our attention was to participate would have to talk about our city, as we could teach a small part of her story. In adittion that hang on the Internet we found a good idea because we believe that they can see more people.
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