My Local Heritage

As part of LoCloud, an international competition has been launched to stimulate people to explore a favourite place or part of their local history through Europeana and present their experience online in webpages, a blog or video.

The finalists will be invited to present their entries at the LoCloud final event, which will be held in Amersfoort, Netherlands on 5th February 2016.  All short-listed entries will be promoted on the LoCloud website.

The competition winners will receive a prize of a tablet computer and their winning entry will be publicised by LoCloud and Europeana.

Who can participate?

We would like to encourage curators from local cultural institutions, volunteers in local cultural institutions, local historians and students to enter. Students may enter as a team ( maximum of 5 people) and if the team is selected as a winner each team member will win a tablet computer.

There is no age restriction for participation providing that any entrants under the age of 18 are accompanied to the award ceremony by one or two teachers. 

What kind of entries are we looking for?

We are looking for entries, which illustrate how you explored your local history or favourite place using Europeana. See for example:  Your entry should:

  • Be engaging  
  • Share your discovery of local heritage using images, movies, texts, sounds and 3D
    • Share your experience of using Europeana  
    • Present your findings in a visual way for others

Your entry can be in the form of a set of web pages, a blog or a video (up to 10 minutes in length), for example:

  • An exhibition about a favourite place
  • A story about your town
  • A path or route for others to follow around your area

The entry must be available online.


You can re-use digital content (images, documents, videos, sound recordings) that you find in but take care to check the licence allows this first.  For information about licences see: Look for content in Europeana that is labelled as:

  • Public Domain
  • CC-BY
  • CC BY-SA
  • CC BY-NC

For content labelled with other licences, you should contact the institution whose content it is and ask for their permission before using it in your entry.

We anticipate that your entry will be highly visual.  You may include some text or spoken word content in any European language.  As we will show the winning entries to people across Europe we suggest you keep any text simple so that your entry can be enjoyed by all.  Our example illustrates how this can work:

How do you enter?

The competition is now closed, results to be announced soon.

Key dates

Submissions to country organisers by:  8th November 2015

Nominations to international LoCloud panel: 15th November 2015

Final event and prize awards: 5th February 2016


Representatives of the finalists will be invited to participate in the prize ceremony and their accommodation and travel costs will be covered by LoCloud.


Selection committees

National selection committees will be appointed by each LoCloud country coordinator to review all the entries within their country and to nominate three entries to the international panel.

An international selection committee has been appointed to review all the nominations by countries and to select the winners of the LoCloud competition. The committee includes:

Vilde Ronge, National Archives of Norway

Milena Popova, Europeana

Henk Alkemade, Cultureelergfoed Netherlands

Kate Fernie, 2Culture Associates



For any additional information on the LoCloud competition, please contact:

Please select from the list below for information about the competition in your own language. If a competition page is not listed for your country please feel free to email the listed contact. 




Competition webpage

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