About Europeana

Europeana is an on-line portal providing access to Europe's online digital cultural heritage. It offers direct access to digitised books, audio and film material, photos, paintings, maps, manuscripts, newspapers and archival documents that are held in European cultural institutions.

The content is drawn from every European member state and the interface is in 29 European languages. Europeana receives its main funding from the European Commission. Explore Europeana at Europeana.eu or find out more about how it works at pro.europeana.eu.

Europeana is not a commercial undertaking. It offers a multimedia space on the web for everyone interested in European culture. Therefore, it is far more specific than the generic search engines: it provides fewer hits, but more targeted results.

Contributing your collections to Europeana through LoCloud will offer you a chance to:

  • increase the visibility and use of your heritage information resources
  • increase traffic to your own website(s), since Europeana redirects its users to the content providers’ online resources.
  • Benefit from a series of enhanced services and tools being developed by LoCloud such as metadata enrichment (by including additional information, e.g. historical place names and links to thesauri), multilingual vocabularies for local history and archaeology, a Wikimedia application to handling relevant ‘crowd-sourced’ content and a geo-location tool.