LoCloud Plenary Meeting

Nov 28 2013

The LoCloud Plenary Meeting was held in London at the King's Place venue, on 28-29 November 2013. The aim of the event was to discuss the work carried out in the first 9 months of the project and plan future activities. The event was by invitation only. Below are the programme and presentations.

Thursday, 28 November


Gunnar Urtegaard (Co-ordinator)

Introductory session

09.30 Welcome and introduction to the agenda- Rob Davies, MDR

09.45 Progress on LoCloud- what comes next- Rob Davies. MDR

10.15 Update on funding programmes- Marcel Watelet, European Commission

10.30 The user requirement and the LoCloud architecture: how it will work together- Costis Dallas, Athena RC

11.00 Break

Parallel topic discussions: Key technical and user issues to be resolved

11.30 Introduction - Kate Fernie. MDR

11.40 Discussions take place at separate round tables, max 7 people.


a) The 'pivot’ metadata schemas: have we got what we need?

b) How and at what levels will enrichment take place?

How automated can it be?

c) What embedded functionality and components should LDL have?

d) LoCloud and relationships with other aggregators: the 'politics of aggregation’

e) Planned emphasis on local history: what will we do in practice?

f) User needs, use cases and simplicity of use

12.40 Feedback from each topic table: what solutions have been agreed: which issues require further discussion?

13.00 Lunch

Plenary presentations

14.00 Microservices- where we stand - Kate Fernie

14.20 Development and testing process in WP3 (Collaborative Testlab): how it will work. Walter Koch, AIT

14.40 Strawman microservice demos

15.15 Break

15.45 Interest Group discussions on each microservice (at individual tables).

I. Geolocation enrichment tools (Runar Bergheim, Frank Zakrajsek and guests)

II. Metadata Enrichment tool (Aitor Soroa, Stavros Angelis and guests)

III. Vocabularies and languages (Walter Koch, Kate Fernie and guests)

IV. Historic place names (Rimvydas Lauzikas, Costis Dallas, Jef Malliet and guests)

V. Wikimedia and crowd sourcing (Dimitris Gavrilis, Holly Wright, Ingrida Vosyliute, Adam Dudzcak and guests)

17.00 Each Group feeds back an agreed outline scope statement for their microservice, workplan and a list of issues to be taken forward to 'spillover’discussions on Day 2.

17.30 Roundup and close

19.30 Dinner


Friday, 29 November

Chair – Rob Davies


Plenary presentations 

09.30 Mapping and Ingestion of metadata by the LoCloud aggregator: What Content Providers need to do and when- Nasos Drosopoulos, NTUA

10.00 Bringing in additional content- Rob Davies

10.20 The role and potential of the Lightweight Digital Library – Marcin Werla/Adam Dudczak, PSNC

10.40 Simpler ways for local institutions to contribute to Europeana – Runar Bergheim, AVINET

11.00  Break


Plenary presentations 

11.30 Training and support plans – Adam Dudczak

11.55 Evaluation planning – Tatiana Shamarina ‐ Heidenreich, UDE

12.20 Dissemination – Holly Wright, UoY/ADS, Barbara Morganti. MDR

12.40 Finances, administration and reporting – Geoff Butters, MDR

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Country Action Plans – overview and case studies - Rob Davies

15.00 Break

Plenary presentation 

15.30 Coordination of cloud activities for Europeana: goals and longer-term potential for integrated infrastructures- Alastair Dunning, Europeana Foundation

16.00 Further detailed technical and content provider discussions



1) How should we promote, handle and schedule demand for content ingestion from non-partner institutions?

2) Monitoring and ‘counting’ items generated by LoCloud

3) The LoCloud competition and identification of dissemination events

PLUS ‘spillover’ sessions from Day 1 

16.00 Parallel meeting(s) of Cloud Coordination group 

17.00 Round up session
17.30 Close