LoCloud Kick-off meeting

Mar 19 2013

The LoCloud Kick-off Meeting was held at the National Archives, in Oslo on 19-20 March 2013.   






Chair: Rob Davies

11.00 onward: registration

12.00 Welcome from the Director of Norwegian National Archive

12.15 Expectations of the project (Gunnar Urtegaard, LoCloud Coordinator)

12.30 The Grant Agreement / Dissemination (Marcel Watelet, EC Project officer)

13.00 Key objectives and overview of the workplan (Rob Davies, Project Manager)

13.30 The Cloud and Europeana: strategic introduction and coordination plans (Yorgos Mamakis, Europeana Foundation)

14.00 Lunch

Main activity areas and goals: introduction and discussion on each

14.45 Local history and heritage: potential benefits of convergence through Europeana


15.15 Preparation and ingestion of content

15.45 The Cloud in LoCloud

16.15 Geospatial data in LoCloud (Frank Zakrajsek)

16.45 Break

17.00 Online training and support for local institutions (Adam Dudczak)

17.20 Evaluation and impact assessment (Christian Stracke)

17.40 Dissemination (Holly Wright/Barbara Morganti)

18.00 Close



Chair: Kate Fernie

9.30 Working procedures (Kate Fernie)

10.00 Breakout sessions on each micro-service

Session A:  Objectives and outcomes

  1. Geolocation enrichment services
  2. Metadata enrichment services [1]
  3. Metadata enrichment services [2]
  4. Vocabulary services
  5. Wikimedia application


10.45 Feedback from sessions

11.00 Break

11.15 Session B: Technical approach

  1. Geolocation enrichment services
  2. Historic place names service [Objectives and technical approach]
  3. Metadata enrichment services / part II
  4. Vocabulary services
  5. Wikimedia application

12.00 Feedback from sessions, questions and discussion

12.30 Finance, administration and reporting (Rob Davies)

13.15 'How will all this affect us'?

  • Breakout groups to identify key benefits and challenges of LoCloud ('post-it note' exercise)
  • Parallel special session  on lightweight digital library

14.00 Feedback and plenary discussion (chair: Gunnar Urtegaard)

14.30 Close (with lunch)