Sharing Local Cultural Heritage through Europeana


Tuesday, 11 November 2014, 14.30 h, Palazzo Coppini, via del Giglio 10, Florence, Italy

Workshop organised by LoCloud as part of the ICOMOS General Assembly 2014, 9 - 14 November 2014, Florence


Local and regional cultural institutions (museums, libraries, archives and heritage organisations) hold unique collections about the heritage and identity of local communities. Digitisation of collections is creating positive assets for supporting public interest, education, research, local conservation management and cultural tourism.  However, work remains to be done to help make the collections held by smaller institutions more widely available. Cloud computing is recognised as having the potential to put local institutions on the European and World stage, by leveraging solutions which enable standardisation and interoperability, allowing public services to be developed.

LoCloud is developing a cloud-based infrastructure for metadata aggregation and harvesting to be used by small and medium-sized local heritage institutions, to make their digital collections discoverable through Europeana. Europeana is an online portal that provides access to millions of items of digitised material from European museums, libraries, archives and audio-visual collections. 

LoCloud  will also provide a series of micro-services, including a geo-location tool, multilingual vocabularies for local history and archaeology, metadata enrichment (by including additional information, e.g. historical place names and links to thesauri), and a Wikimedia application for handling relevant ‘crowd-sourced’ content. These services will enrich the content, increasing its usefulness and relevance, thereby enhancing the user’s experience. 


The objectives of this workshop are:

  • to stimulate discussion and collaboration between curators, experts and stakeholders in digital libraries, cultural heritage, tourism and local communities on new ways to make holdings more widely available;
  • to showcase the latest developments in supporting small and medium-sized cultural institutions in making their digitised collections available online via the Europeana portal through the LoCloud project.

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14.30-15.00  General overview of the LoCloud project, and how local cultural institutions can get involved - Kate Fernie, 2Culture Associates, UK
15.00-15.45  Overview and demonstration of LoCloud mapping tools and cloud-based services for Europeana - Dimitris Gavrilis, ATHENA Research Centre, Greece
15.45-16.30  Overview and demonstration of LoCloud Collections: a new collection management system for small to medium sized organisations to make their collections available online, and discoverable within Europeana - Holly Wright, Archaeology Data Service, University of York, UK
16.30-16.45 Break
16.45-17.15 Overview and demonstration of geographic location and map based services for local heritage within LoCloud services for Europeana - Siri Slettvåg, Avinet, Norway
17.15-17.45  Support for communities and cultural tourism - Silvia Alfreider, National Archives of Norway, Norway
17.45-18.00  Conclusions, Holly Wright, Archaeology Data Service

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