LoCloud Hackathon

Feb 11 2015
Louvre at night
The LoCloud project has developed a series of services and we would like to invite developers to take part in a Hackathon at the Google Cultural Institute in Paris on Wednesday, February 11th, to use these to come up with innovative applications for the cultural heritage sector. The competition is to build an application using LoCloud Services and Europeana data.
The Services include:
  • The MORe repository
  • Enrichment services
  • Geolocation service
  • Historical placenames service
  • Vocabulary services
  • Wikimedia application

Participants should bring their own laptops (with any kind of development environment setup) and be familiar with technologies like: REST, XML, JSON, RDF. Virtual Machines (Linux based) can be provided if needed.
The participants can:
  • create their own applications (e.g. a web based app or a mobile app)
  • create their own metadata enrichment services in any programming language through MoRe’s virtual enrichment driver (VED) and plug them in directly into the enrichment process.
    All participants will be provided with sample content which will be made available both for download and though REST endpoints. The sample content will be encoded in XML (all information on the respective metadata schemas will be provided in English). Other useful information such as thesauri will also be provided through REST in one of the three following formats: XML, RDF, JSON. APIs are available for the MoRe aggregator and the LoCloud enrichment services that developers can use to build their own applications. The APIs are REST based and make use of one of the three following formats: XML, RDF, JSON.
    Participants will demonstrate their services at the end of the Hackathon to participants and a panel of judges (from LoCloud and Europeana) who will vote for the most innovative application/service. The winner of the competion will win a prize of a Moto 360 smartwatch .