JCDL 2014

Sep 08 2014

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London, UK

The Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) is a major international forum focusing on digital libraries and associated technical, practical, and social issues. 

In comparison with information retrieval systems, digital libraries include more types of media, provide additional functionality and services, and include additional stages of the information life cycle, from creation through use. Digital libraries could therefore be seen as a new form of information institutions or as an extension of the services which libraries currently provide. 

The conference addresses key topics such as infrastructure, institutions, metadata, content, services, digital preservation,  system design, etc. JCDL 2014 will be held in London, UK on 8-12 September, jointly organised with TPDL (Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries). 

The deadline for paper submission is 16 March. Additional information on the call for papers can be found from the conference web site.