Jun 27 2013

The IEEE 6th International Conference on Cloud Computing will be held on 27 June - 2 July 2013 in Santa Clara Marriott, CA, USA.

Cloud Computing provides a means of sharing resources among cloud service consumers. The resource sharing can take place as an infrastructure cloud (e.g. hardware, IT infrastructure management), a software cloud (e.g. SaaS focusing on middleware as a service, or traditional CRM as a  service), an application cloud (e.g. Application as a Service, UML modeling tools as a service, social network as a service), and a business cloud (e.g. business process as a service).

The event will be co-located with other four conferences, all of which focused on 'services' (cloud-based services, web-based services, business services, mobile services, and Big Data-based services). 

More information from the conference web site