Jara. Zavod za razvoj knjižnic


Zavod Jara is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation established in January 2010, which cooperates with public libraries and other learning and cultural organisations. Its services include research, consultancy, training, project management and implementation and service development.

Zavod Jara is engaged with Slovenian portal of local cultural heritage KAMRA, being responsible for its development. KAMRA is a portal providing access to local cultural heritage content from public libraries and other local cultural and educational institutions. The content is presented as stories which provide the context to digital objects. The content is harvested by Europeana on a monthly basis. Zavod Jara is involved in the Europeana Awareness project.


Tasks in LoCloud: regional aggregator for testing of tools developed by WP3, carrying out dissemination activities (WP6), providing support to small and medium sized institutions.