Vilniaus universiteto Komunikacijos fakultetas


Vilnius University Faculty of Communication (VUKF) is the leading higher education establishment working in the broad field of information and communication professions in Lithuania. Established in 1991, VUKF has an integrated approach towards information and communication, looking at libraries, museums, archives, media, publishing enterprises, information agencies and information businesses as parts of the information infrastructure of a society. Main purpose of VUKF is to strengthen interdisciplinary studies and research in order to promote competitive and high quality education in the field. Its mission is realised through communication and information study programmes, basic and applied research, continuing professional development opportunities, and particularly through interdisciplinary and international cooperation. The Faculty of Communication has contributed to several international and European Union funded projects including CALIMERA, PubliCA, Pulman and Cultivate-CEE, DPE, NORSLIS and CARARE. It is also an associated partner in V-Must project,  ARIADNE (Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Dataset Networking in Europe), a member of DARIAH (Digital Research Infrustructure for the Arts and Humanities) and a member of EUROPEANA network.

Tasks in LoCloud: preparing and aggregating local content with metada from smaller and medium sized institutions for its integration in Europeana; collaboratively working on content requirements relevant to the needs of the project and to local institutions (WP1); assisting in the development of micro services for small and medium institutions (WP3); testing of tools developed in WP3; contributing to the expertise of historic place names, as well as vocabularies and languages; preparing local Thesaurus of present and historical Geo-data and Achaeology for integration into the European context;  analysing and testing regional content existing in Europeana and offering guidance on its enrichment.