University of York - Archaeology Data Service


The Archaeology Data Service (ADS) is situated in the Department of Archaeology at the University of York in the UK. The core objective of the ADS is to support research, learning and teaching with high quality and dependable digital resources. It does this by preserving digital data in the long term, and by promoting and disseminating a broad range of data in Archaeology. The ADS promotes good practice in the use of digital data in Archaeology, it provides technical advice to the research community, and supports the deployment of digital technologies.

The ADS has been involved in a number of European-funded research and development projects since 2001. These have included a co-ordinating role in ARENA (Archaeological Records of Europe Networked Access) to develop a cross-search European portal, completed in 2004, and subsequently taken forward as ARENA2 within the ESFRI DARIAH infrastructure project.

The ADS was also a partner in the Culture2007 programme ACE (Archaeology in Contemporary Europe) project: and was the UK aggregator within CARARE (Connecting ARchaeology and ARchitecture in Europeana). Currently, ADS is deputy coordinator for the ARIADNE (Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Dataset Networking) project.


Tasks in LoCloud: playing a major role in the requirements phase (WP1) as well as in European, international and national dissemination work in the UK (WP6), hosting a content provider's workshop.