Universidad del País Vasco (University of the Basque Country)


The IXA Research Group from the University of the Basque Country (UPV in Spanish and EHU in Basque) was created in 1988, with the aim of promoting the modernization of the Basque Country by means of developing advanced computational resources and systems. IXA has been involved in several European projects including MEANING and KYOTO. UPV EHU was the scientific coordinator of MEANING (IST-2001-34460). Currently, the group is involved in the PATHS project: Personalised Access To cultural Heritage Spaces (ICT-2010-270082). UPV/EHU is also coordinating a number of national projects: KNOW2: Developing large-scale multilingual technologies for Natural Language Understanding (TIN2009-14715-C04-01), OpenMT2: Open Source Machine Translation using hybrid methods: RBMT-EBMT methods (TIN2009-14675-C03-01). The IXA Group also promotes the Official Master programme entitled ‘Linguistic processing and analysis’.

Tasks in LoCloud: contributing expertise to the Natural Language Engineering area, particularly, on tasks related to the automatic linguistic enrichment of metadata; having a key role in the development of the SaaS tool for metadata enrichment within WP3.