The Ministerie van onderwijs, cultuur en wetenschap - Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed

The Netherlands

The Ministerie van onderwijs, cultuur en wetenschap - Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed (Cultural Heritage Agency - RCE) is part of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science the Cultural Heritage. The Agency is a research institute and centre of excellence on monuments, historic buildings, Archaeology, landscape, and fine and applied arts.

The government incorporates the Agency’s specialist knowledge into legislation and rules designed to protect and develop the heritage. RCE is also in charge of the  implementation and enforcement of the Monuments and Historic Buildings Act, taking action where necessary when the heritage is threatened. The Agency disseminates knowledge on the management, conservation and accessibility of heritage collections and it manages an art collection comprising some 100,000 items. In its role as a government agency, RCE maintains an overview of the cultural heritage throughout the country, including its governing legislation.

RCE has played an important role in several EU initiatives such as EAC, the European Heritage Heads Forum and advises on EU-directives regarding cultural heritage. The Agency has been involved in several projects financed by the European Union through the Culture 2000 programme, Interreg and different Framework programmes.

Tasks in LoCloud: supporting smaller heritage organisations to aggregate their content and metadata to make them available via Europeana; providing expertise in geo information and web mapping services (INSPIRE), crowdsourcing, cultural heritage semantics and the use of cloud services; testing tools developed in WP3; hosting a regional training workshop in WP4, leading a working group to study the impact of the work of LoCloud on end-users (WP5), disseminating information on LoCloud  (WP6) at the national level.