National Technical University of Athens


The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is one of the technical partners of LoCloud playing a major role in the development and provision of the LoCloud infrastructure through the further customisation of the MINT tool. It will also contribute to requirements specification in WP1 and the provision of support to small and medium sized institutions in WP4.

The Image, Video and Intelligent Multimedia Systems Lab (IVML), at the School of Computer and Electrical Engineering of NTUA, was established in 1988. The members of the Lab (which are about 35, including research scientists, researchers, Ph.D students, programmers, and supporting staff) are actively involved in research having so far published more than 100 journal and 200 international conference contributions. IVML has been involved in about a hundred European R&D projects.

IVML participates in the design and implementation of intelligent semantic analysis and retrieval of multimedia content, following the MPEG (4, 7, 21) and Semantic Web standards. IVML has participated in the FP6 IP ACEMEDIA, NoE MUSCLE, NoE Knowledge-Web, NoE K-Space, IP Mesh, IP X-Media, STREP Boemie, IP We-Know-It   IP.  IVML  has  been  a  key  technological   member  in  Digital  Libraries  and particularly  in  Europeana  developments.  S.  Kollias  has  been  a  member  of  the  EC  'Interoperability Group'  on  Digital  Libraries  in  2007,  and  a member  of  the  Member  States  Expert  Group  on  Digital Libraries (2007-). He has organised the Workshop on 'Semantic Interoperability in the European Digital Library' in the European Semantic Web Conference, 2008.