The National Archives of Norway


The National Archives of Norway (NRA) is the Scientific Coordinator of LoCloud.

NRA is responsible for the records created by the government's central administration, i.e. ministries and directorates, etc., as well as the archives of the Supreme Court. These institutions are required to hand over to the National Archives their archives once these reach 25 years of age and are no longer in administrative use. The National Archives also preserve important archives left by individuals and private enterprises, such as companies and organisations. The Director General serves as head of both the Central Office of the National Archive and the National Archive of Norway.

The holdings include material dating back to the 12th century and records from the Danish era. The National Archive can truthfully be designated as the country's collective memory.

Currently, 29 archival institutions, including the National Archive of Norway, have published their finding aids on the Archives Portal of Norway. In total about 3 million descriptive units are available on the portal.