Národní památkový ústav (National Heritage Institute)

Czech Republic

Narodni pamatkovy ustav (NPU) is the statutory national organisation funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

NPU maintains a Central Register of Cultural Monuments of the Czech Republic, draws up expert opinions and background materials for designation of objects as cultural monuments and for regional authorities,  provides free professional assistance to the owners of cultural monuments and carries out analyses of the conditions and development of the state care of monuments. NPU looks after more than 100 important historic properties accessible to the public.

Since 2003 NPU has been building the Integrated Information System of the Care of Monuments (IISCM), which is based on the principle of interdependency of all information sources in the NPU. The IISCM contains basic applications - GIS (Geographical Information System with an essential geo-database of objects in the Czech Republic and specialized thematic layers), MIS (Metainformation System for storing, describing and making available digital or digitised documents relating to the objects of interest, or the preservation of heritage in general professional activities NPU), SAR (the State Archaeological Register of the Czech Republic- an Archaeological map with information on Archaeological sites), ISAD (Information System on Archaeological Data ensures the systematic updating of the SAR and its additional databases and access to the data via internet) and other.


Tasks in LoCloud:  aggregating content from Czech Republic, carrying out dissemination activities (WP6) at the national level, engaging with small and medium sized institutions, testing of tools developed by WP3.