The Danish Agency for Culture (KUAS) is an agency under the aegis of the Danish Ministry of Culture, established on 1 January 2012. The agency is a merger of three former agencies: The Danish Arts Agency, the Heritage Agency of Denmark, and the Danish Agency for Libraries and Media. The vision of the new agency is:

• To bolster the interplay among art, cultural heritage, libraries and media

• To improve the coordination of national and municipal efforts in cultural fields

• To promote the development and exploitation of an increasingly digitalized culture and media landscape

• To develop new proposals and forms of communication for citizens

• To strengthen international cultural collaboration within all professional fields

• To increase cooperation among, inter alia, education, teaching, research, the environment and nature, and business development, including architecture and tourism.

Tasks in LoCloud: national aggregator on museum information: providing content from two national databases: The Museums Collections and Art Index Denmark. The databases hold information on cultural historic objects and works of art from all the Danish state-recognised (local) museums as well as from the State museums.